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Digital Signal processing Research Lab.

By definition, Digital Signal processing (DSP) is the analysis and transformation of signals -- measurements taken over time and/or space (signals, images, video, etc.) -- in order to better understand, simplify, or recast their structure by means of digital tools. This concept has evolved from an obscure research discipline into an essential technology of everyday life.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Isfahan University of technology (IUT) has a relatively long history in digital signal processing dating back to its inception in the late 1977s. IUT has been a major force in DSP research and education and many outstanding DSP alumni now hold leadership positions in academics and industry.

Current research spans a wide range of areas, including image and video analysis, representation, and compression; wavelets and multiscale methods; statistical signal processing, pattern recognition, and learning theory; biomedical signal processing and medical imaging; communication systems; and computational neuroscience.

The DSP research lab of ECE has been actively teaching courses, conducting research, and publishing results since 2006.

There has been a history of collaboration between the DSP group at ECE and industry. This has taken mostly in the forms of the granting of research funding in DSP for supporting graduate student dissertations and making research project agreements with industrial units to solving their practical problems by means of DSP concepts.

The DSP research lab at ECE department of IUT consists of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students conducting research and teaching DSP. Graduate students (MSc and Ph.D candidates) are mostly conducting research in different aspects of DSP including signal and image processing, wavelets and time-frequency analysis, medical imaging, Biomedical signal processing and computational neuroscience, radar and sonar, geophysics, telecommunications, auditory information processing.  On the other hand, undergraduate students are doing experiences in fundamental concepts of DSP such as sampling, multi-rate processing and filter banks, Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and digital filter design by means of TMS DSK starter kits and FPGA boards available in the lab.

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